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Careers Resource
The participants at the Biomedical Horizons events helped us to write "Biomedical Horizons - realising your future" - a peer-led careers resource.
The resource booklet contains descriptions of 31 different biomedical science jobs written by young people for young people, useful tips for arranging work-placements, tips for using the resource, activity ideas and a summary of the project learning. You can download a PDF of the resource by clicking on the links below.
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Project Learning
We hope this project inspires you and we would like to share our project learning with others who are interested in running their own careers events and activities. If you would like to find out more about the project and our findings please download a copy of the final project report below. The careers resource above also contains ideas and tips for running your own events and activities.

Antibiotic Antics Workshop
This 30 minute workshop, developed for the Biomedical Horizons events, presents participants with various patient case studies. Participants use a variety of laboratory evidence cards to diagnose what micro-organisms are causing the patient's illness and make recommendations on the most appropriate antibiotic to treat the patients with.
Download printed workshop materials, Powerpoint presentations and teachers' notes from the SIBE website.

Work experience information
Some of the organisations involved in Biomedical Horizons offered work experiences and some of these places were still available as of October 2006. Opportunities include: works visits, work shadowing and work placements. You can find out more about the variety of opportunities across Scotland by downloading the following leaflet:

Please note that this leaflet will not be updated beyond October 2006 when the project ended so it is possible the place you are interested in may have been filled already.


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